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View the downloadable version

of our GO TO THE NATIONS guide to learn about serving with us.

Also, for info on joining our team see the Intern Guide below:



Travel insurance is not required, but it is a great idea to consider it. We recommend Christian business owner, Josh Kelley to cover you for your next trip! 

Learn a little Spanish
it makes your trip so much more fun!

  • Hello – ¡Hola!
  • Goodbye – ¡Adios!

  • Yes – Si

  • No – no

  • God Loves you – Dios te ama

  • Please – Por favor

  • Thank you – Gracias

  • Your Welcome – De nada

  • Excuse me – Perdon/Discúlpeme

  • I am sorry (forgive me) – Lo siento

  • How are you? – ¿Como está?

  • I am fine, thanks – Estoy bien, gracias

  • What is your name? – ¿Como se llama?

  • My name is… – Me llamo…

  • I (don’t) understand – (No) Entiendo

  • Do you speak english? – ¿Habla inglés?

Don’t worry if you can't speak Spanish! A smile, hug, or handshake can go a long way!

Special Projects

Your team may want to participate in more than just the general ministry projects
included in our packages and we welcome you to do so.
There are many choices for extra ministry projects. 

  • Pole Barn Style Church $3000 

  • House $3000 

  • Water System for a home (will last up to 10 years) $50 

  • Community Bathroom $400 

  • Replace Roof $550 

  • Feed a family for one month $250 

  • Worship Set for a church (includes drum set, electric guitar with amplifier, microphone, and keyboard) $1100 

  • Chairs for Church $50 per dozen 

  • Fruit trees to plant $26 per dozen 

  • Fertilizer $45 a bag 



Do I have to be a medical or dental professional to go on a medical mission trip?

No, you do not. All of our teams need support workers to help in evangelism, the pharmacy, assisting in clerical tasks, and other general team support.

Do medical staff have to provide additional documents to practice in Guatemala?

All doctors, dentists, and nurses need a copy of their medical license.

Can a medical student treat patients?


What documents will I need to travel on a team?

You will need a valid passport that will not expire within 6 months of your travel to Guatemala.

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish to go on a mission trip?

No, you do not. All of our teams need support workers to help in evangelism, the pharmacy, assisting in clerical tasks, and other general team support.

Are there any clothing restrictions that a group must abide by?

Yes. Due to respect for the culture, women are asked not to wear shorts while in the villages. Men may wear shorts while working, but should wear pants for church services and similar activities. This is covered in more detail in the mission guide.

Do I need vaccinations to go on a team?

Currently, there are no vaccinations required to visit Guatemala. However, we recommend that you make sure that your Tetanus vaccination is up to date. Also, if you are traveling during the months of November-April, a flu vaccine is recommended to protect the Central Americans that you will be ministering to.

What arlines does BBIC use for travel?

We use Delta, United or American Airlines.

If I get sick, are there medical facilities to treat me?

Yes. Our organization has contact with a doctor and a private hospital. Rarely, has a team member ever had to use these services.

Will I need extra money on the trip?

Bring only the money that you will need for souvenirs, snacks, church offerings, or other incidentals. Most people bring $50-$100 spending money, depending on what you will want to spend. All money must be new, crisp bills to be exchanged into Quetzals, Guatemalan currency. More info on this is located in the mission guide.

What kind of jewelry can I take on the trip?

A good rule of thumb: Don’t take anything that you would hate to lose. Don’t bring anything flashy. Most married women will leave their engagement rings at home and we encourage you to do so.


Will I be able to contact home?

At times, yes. We do have access to wifi internet. We will give you an emergency contact number to leave with your family in case an emergency arises at home. We recommend that you tell your family that no news is good news. This is covered in more detail in our mission guide.


What should I take with me on a trip?

A suggested list is located in our mission guide.


I have never flown before. What do I do at the airport?

We recommend that you talk with others who have flown before. They can help guide you in the process. Also , you can contact the airport that you will be flying out from and they will alert you to anything that you will need to know. More in depth information about Aurora airport in Guatemala is located in the mission guide.

When will I meet my travel host?

Most likely, you will meet and talk with your travel host months in advance of your trip. A team meeting will occur a month before your scheduled departure. Important information will be discussed and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. In the event that the travel host can not be at the meeting in person, we will arrange a skype session or equivalent. More information on this subject is covered in the mission guide. You will meet your travel host at the airport in Guatemala. However, a member of our ministry will meet with your team Stateside prior to your trip.


If I am an individual joining an existing team, what activities do I need to pack for?

Our U.S. Coordinator will discuss with you which activities to prepare for. Generally, when we have people throughout the U.S. forming a team, we divide up the activity packing and assign everyone an area to be responsible for. However, this will also depend on the type of trip you are taking.

Let us know what other questions you have! or 256-460-2759